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Pinhas & Sons virtual school for the Corona times!

Covid caught us in the middle of working of new materials, we thought why now use these special times where everyone is mostly at home and create a collaborative musical process for the creation of our next album.

Click here for the project's facebook group

November 2019 - We had to defend our family's honor, look the evil in the eye and fight against Funkylicious & the Time Travellers in the first live musical battle show in Tel-Aviv port. 

Rehearsals for the show with Shlomo Gronich

June 2016 was one of the craziest events we have ever created.

A brass band, string section and a choir that were formed for the event, joined us for a truly insane performance at Barbie Tel Aviv with Shlomo Gronich.

A tutorial about how NOT to clap at the begging of "Hasar Sikuy" song ;)

Our crowdfunding video for "About an Album"

On July 20, 18, we met with the band's ultimate fans at "HaTeiva" studio in Tel-Aviv, where we recorded half of "About an Album", in the presence, playing and singing of the audience.

Live Broadcasting for "About an Album" crowdfunding, where we had to improvise a song for every new support that came in:)

Live Broadcasting for "About an Album" crowdfunding, where we had to improvise a song for every new support that came in:)

A tribute to the Lebanese band Mashrou Leila

Rehearsing for a tribute concert to the Lebanese band Mashrou Leila

December 2017

Guitar Lesson with Guy Mezig

A teaser for our show with the all mighty Guy Mazig in September 2017. We just had to tie some open edges regarding his guitar playing before the show...

And that's how it looked in the Rehearsal

Teaser #2 to the show with Guy Mazig - September 2017

From the preparations for the joint show with Project RnL in Tel Aviv.

Hardcore fans might recognize a motive that eventually found itself in a totally different song of ours...

September 2015 - We developed The Pinhas Way

An app that replaces Waze's voice prompts with our musical prompts based on our songs!

To download the app, click here

(not supported anymore)

July 2015 - The Israeli "striped shirt" trend has swept us too.

We were so excited about the shirt that we had to get it for ourselves too! After a complex operation of finding fabric and sewing the shirts, the brave of the composition were photographed.

The result won many echoes on the educational Facebook page

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October 2015 - We decided to meet the challenge of Israeli artist Idan Raichel for performing a solo from the pre-released song "Circles", with our Pinhas' touch - here are the results:

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