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Pinhas & Sons is a group of 9 musicians, taking the concept of musical performance to the extreme - with tons of energy, groove, sophistication & humor. 

Over the years the ensemble formed its signature unique style, combining the Israeli-middle-eastern sound with a super eclectic fusion of Brazilian melodies, Balkan & African grooves, jazz and classical music. somehow, it works....

2015 - "Cheap Metaphors about Love" 
2018 - "About an album" 
This album was recorded in a process never seen before in Israel, a live recording session with an active participation of dozens of the group’s fans. Musical and singing roles were written specifically for them, thus making them a real part of the album.
2019 - “Live @ Barby Tel Aviv” 
live performance featuring Israeli artist Shlomo Gronich as well as an “orchestra” and a “choir” assembled from the band’s fan base.

The band is especially known for its creativity on stage and off, as well as its unique relationship with the audience, which generated many extraordinary projects.

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