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About an Album (2018)

Pinhas & Sons proudly announce the release of their third album - "What Will Become of Us."

This album represents a journey through time, reflecting collective and personal experiences that have profoundly shaped the band, deeply influenced by the political and social climate in Israel.

Pinhas & Sons is a unique band consisting of 9 musicians and a singer, blending Israeli sound with various ethnic genres, complex rhythms and melodies. Despite the intricate musicality, their music maintains a sense of simplicity, fun, and beauty. The band's ability to attract listeners with a deep musical curiosity sets them apart. Fans dive into the rich layers of their music and become part of a passionate community.

Having this highly engaged audience, The band shares the musical process with their fans, and even invites them to be an integral part of the music-making and writing process. Throughout the making of the album fans had sent recordings, texts, and arrangement ideas, some of which made it into the final album, contributing to the musical and eclectic character of the album.

The album launch concert is scheduled for September 2024. Further details will be shared soon.


+972 525423189

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